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Day Five Wrap-up

This is it. This is the end! How can it be?? The last day of Startup Week started with three events with insights for veterans, fashionistas, and educators alike.
Breakfast has been delicious this whole week. Look at these burritos! #TBStartupWeek #ChaseBasecamp pic.twitter.com/IBXzZHysEW

— TampaBayStartupWeek (@TBStartupWeek) February 6, 2015

@HinesEntVet speaking at @TBStartupWeek #veterans track @HCCFL Trep Grad […]

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The Beginning of the End

It’s the final day of Startup Week! I hope you all had a wonderful time. And I hope you all continue to have a wonderful time! After all, we still have roughly twelve hours of Startup Week left! By now, you all should have RSVP’d for whatever events you plan on attending, but in any […]

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Day Four Wrap-Up

Geek Breakfast woke everyone up on day four for the first of their monthly meetups of the year.
Wake up! It’s Geek Breakfast time! #TBStartupWeek pic.twitter.com/9Ds1EyinbG

— TampaBayStartupWeek (@TBStartupWeek) February 5, 2015

#GeekBreakfast is going strong at #ChaseBasecamp. #TBStartupWeek pic.twitter.com/rB1Bq0ulpi — TampaBayStartupWeek (@TBStartupWeek) February 5, 2015

.@jwd2a explaining that #GeekBreakfast, as part of a complete #Geekend, is on the […]

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Rounding the Bend

We’re on the second-to-last day of Startup Week. Entrepreneurs are starting to implement ideas, sponsors are restocking snacks and drinks, volunteers are catching up on their to-do lists, I haven’t showered in four days (that’s a lie… or is it?) The atmosphere is reaching a strange combination of exhaustion and excitement, ready to hit that […]

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Day Three Wrap-up

One Million Cups started off the day in both Tampa and St. Petersburg.
Getting ready for the kick off @TBStartupWeek @1MillionCupsTPA pic.twitter.com/P270y9yxpI

— Stuart Pinnock (@LifeEnablingTec) February 4, 2015

Entrepreneurial minds getting together in the morning @1millioncupsTPA #1mchillsb #tbstartupweek pic.twitter.com/tX77cvFqpq

— Leon Donovan (@Leonjd) February 4, 2015

.@Syl_TB_Tech & Jennifer w @HillsboroughFL love the Tampa startup scene! #1mchillsb #edi2 #collabtb […]

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Guess What Day It Is!

It’s Hump Day! If we can get past Wednesday, we’ll be halfway through Startup Week, and there are many mixed feelings to go with that. I’m sure you’ve met amazing people and learned amazing things and had amazing fun already, but there’s plenty more of all of this ahead! Here’s a bit of a sampling […]

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Day Two Wrap-up

We hit the ground running today with the launch event for the Plum Alley Women’s Crowdfunding Platform.
Ms. Alex of @FloridaNEXT is talking about using the #Startup Nation (#Israel) as inspiration for #TampaBay: celebrate failure #TBStartupWeek

— Kiki Schirr (@KikiSchirr) February 3, 2015
Florida Next / Plum Alley talk about crowd funding, innovation, inclusion. #emerging #TBStartupWeek #ChaseBasecamp pic.twitter.com/OrnnTYboFE

— […]

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Welcome to Day Two

I hope everyone had a good rest and is ready to go on the second day of Startup Week. Remember, while there are plenty of ways to enjoy yourself throughout the week, pace yourself! There will be ice skating on the last day. We don’t want you to fall on your face from exhaustion on […]

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Day One Wrap-up

Startup Week has begun! And we started at the very beginning (a very good place to start). Before any of the current startup community popped up in Tampa, in fact, before much of the current city infrastructure was put into place, there was Henry Plant and Vicente Ybor, the original Tampa entrepreneurs. Rodney Kite-Powell talked […]

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Good Morning, Tampa!

It’s time for Startup Week! We’ve got a full schedule of events going on, and I know you’re excited to get to them, but let me just point out a few highlights for today…

The whole event is going to kick off with the Beer Tech Jam with speaker, Justin Davis. The brewer community is huge […]

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